Words & Doubt

His words, typed insecurely.
Scared to peek around the corner of your eyeball.
To be consumed by your brain, judged for their quality or lack of.
A constant refrain paralyzing each finger as it moves on the keyboard of his brain.

The words spoken in his classroom,
Heard by growing minds forming opinions of the world.
Lasting a lifetime in the brains of the next generation.
Intentionally measured meanings and tones striking a hopeful lesson for all.
A constant refrain paralyzing the mind speaking his lessons.

A conversation with a friend replayed in his head a hundredth time.
Jokes misinterpreted, potentially offending.
Viewpoints expressed casting a new questioning opinion.
Stories told among the group, the relevance to the thread lost, questioned, ignored.
A constant refrain paralyzing his words and drawing him more into himself.

A thesis paper researched to death.
The paraphrasing misconstrued.
Connections to the core lost among the citations.
Conclusions drawn like a rubber band stretching the validity.
Drafts submitted, edits made, galloping farther and farther from the original.
A constant refrain paralyzing the completion of his degree.

All the words swirling in his head.
An outlet needed to dispense the thoughts.
Afraid to publish, to let the world participate in the inner workings of his mind.
Clicking the publish button and opening the door.
To the nightmare of a haunted house;
Or a dream of love embraced in a hug.
A constant refrain paralyzing his work from seeing the open door.