Who are you for yourself?

I want to write this post but I also don't. I also thought about changing the publish date and burying it years ago. But maybe putting it out there will help someone.

My last post was about Intentional Rest and I firmly believe in that. 

That said, I need to move beyond that. The Intentional Rest is a break from all the things that you are for other people. Remember the Disciples healing and curing? Other people. In my last post, looking back, everything I listed was about being something for someone else. 

It has nothing to do with who I am for me. 

Most of the titles that have that describe me for other people are pretty amazing and I enjoy them. I wouldn't change being a husband or a dad. I love being a teacher. I wouldn't change those but, again, they don't have much to do with who I am for me. 

(I know that some people see teaching as a calling and that is who they are above all else. Good for you. I'm excited that you have that passion. For me, as much as I love teaching, it's not a calling. It's a rewarding profession that pays me and I get to help other people. It's not who I am.)

So, let's think. Who am I for me? 

Photographer, writer, traveler, napper...

Wow, that list is way shorter and took way longer to come up with. 

This is definitely something that I need to work on for myself. 

I would bet a dollar that I'm not the only one. Especially for my teacher friends. I see you. You're pinning things on Pinterest that would be great for your classroom. You're hitting up the Dollar Store for classroom supplies. You're reading books that you might want to add to your classroom library. Or you're looking at garage sales for flexible seating (this one, yes, I'm guilty, and the garage is already full). 

Is it selfish to be something for yourself? Maybe. But it is also healthy. I'm not going to neglect who I am for other people to solely do things for myself. That wouldn't be good. There's a balance in there somewhere that leads to excellent mental health for me.

With that in mind, here's what I'm doing in July to improve who I am for myself.
  • Keeping my camera (iPhone) ready when I'm out and about and looking for a quality photo. It's already paid off with these two photos.
  • Keeping the bigger camera in the car so it's not forgotten if I go places that have a high probability of great photo opportunities.
  • Walking more.
  • Writing at least 30 blog posts this month. I'm up to 22 so far.
  • Entering the MN State Fair photography contest. (Check)
  • Entering the MN State Fair cookie contest (actually for next month, I guess baking is something I am for myself too.)
In the Intentional Rest post, I mentioned scrolling Tik Tok for 3 hours. I don't do that but I did come across this video that was the inspiration for this post (embedded below). I haven't had the waterworks this person talks about but I do see the need to make a space for me to work on who I am for myself.  I'm also a huge proponent of therapy. There is no shame or judgment. Take care of yourself!!!


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