Uteplis Brewing, Minneapolis, Mn

Last night, my wonderful and beautiful wife and I snuck away for a beer and Artepils art fair at Utepils Brewing in Minneapolis. It was a lovely night in Minneapolis and the brewery was busy. There were several artists selling canvases and prints in the garage and there was a band playing in the beer garden. I didn't realize how splendid the beer garden is and how many people can fit out there.

We grabbed our beverages, including a free one compliments of my Craftapped membership (that I've sorely not used enough...), and moved outside. We found a picnic table in the back, kinda behind the building that muted the music a bit and let us talk. It was great!

Party Water
My wife got a Party Water hard seltzer. That's the pinkish drink in the picture. She really enjoyed this. I took a sip and these are not usually my jam but it wasn't bad. The carbonation is low. The usual bubble water-type drinks she gets are carbonated like soda and not a win for me. There was definitely fruit in this and I'd guess a mixture of things. I got some grapefruit but that's the only one that stood out for me. I'm not sure I could take a whole glass but if you want to visit Utepils for a beer and need to bring along someone who doesn't really like beer, this is a good option.

If you've been reading this blog lately, you may notice I've been on a little bit of a Dunkel/Bock kick. This one is a Munich Dunkel. I don't think it's as good as Fulton's Barrel-aged Doppelbock or Broken Clock's Bock to the Future but I wouldn't toss this one to the curb. There was plenty of malt and it was slightly sweet. It almost had an amber ale taste. Maybe a dark amber? I also got a little caramel out of it and perhaps a little raisin. I probably should have savored this one a bit more and let it warm up more. I'm pretty sure the flavor would have changed.