Sunrise and Sunset Practice

During CABIN WEEK!™, I spent some time practicing sunrise and sunset photography. This type of photography is something that I really enjoy but really struggle with. 

Both of these pictures were taken at Northland Lodge on  Lake Winnie.

iPhone 12 Pro Max, edits in iOS Photos app.


I really like this sunrise picture for a couple of reasons. First, there are no sunspots. While taking this picture, I was able to adjust the framing and direction to ensure that the camera didn't pick up any green sunspots anywhere in the picture. Secondly, with a little bit of editing, I was able to really focus on the intensity of the sun and get some of the rays to poke out. Also, I captured some of the reflections of the sun on the water behind the dock. Lastly, I think the layers show the vastness. There's the green foreground of the shore, the docks and water, the tree line, and finally the sky.


The colors of the sunset were so fantastic this night. I especially like the layers of orange in the sky and the way it reflects in the water. The clouds seem to be painted by the sunset. In editing, I was able to blackout the trees and land to pull the eye to the colors in the sky.  If I were to do retake this picture, I would frame it more on the sky and have less of the ground in the front.