Street (Er, Water) Photography Practice

'Til Next Year

There's something about this photo that just says so much about guys hanging out. The beer in hand. Being lined up single file facing out and talking. Hands in pockets. The leg up on the post. Even the hoodies. Also, each of these is heightened when you get them around the things they love, fishing on a lake in this case. Over the course of about 3 days, these three spent a lot of time away in their boat, fishing from the dock, telling stories at their campsite, and generally just being guys. This photo is their last day at the resort and probably some sort of ritual goodbye to each other and the lake. 

This photo was taken really quickly because this type of set-up doesn't last long. There's a ton of editing in this photo, starting with cropping. Then cropping more. And then a bit more. After that, I played around with the colors in a bunch of different ways. the goal was to make the water really pop. While making those adjustments, the clothes started to pop too. Lastly, I added a little vignette around the edges to give it a little bit more focus on the guys. 

If I was to change something about this photo, well two things. First, I would have set the picture up better but time was of the essence. Second, I'd take the pole out at the end of the dock. It's distracting. It's almost as if they weren't thinking about photo opportunities when they designed the dock...