I submitted this photo to the Mn State Fair Creative Activities Competition. It was the first time I've submitted any photo, well, anything really, to a competition. This is part of my taking chances/putting myself out there/just doing it month. It was nerve racking to just submit it. I went back and forth on which image to use, how to describe it, the artist statement, and pretty much anything that could be stressed over. 

Clicking the final submit button was a challenge!

I heard a few days ago that it wasn't selected. I still think it's a good photo and has the right edits. It would have been so amazing to have my photo in the gallery at the Fair. They can only take so many and I'm guessing there are thousands of submissions. 

I'll do it again next year. I'll still take more photos. I might upgrade my equipment. I'll finish the online photo class I'm taking. I'll keep putting myself out there. Just like I tell students, don't give up. Keep doing!!!