Rapids Brewing, Park Rapids, MN, USA

 It's was CABIN WEEK last week. 

And during cabin week there is usually one day that rainy or just a pool/lake/boat day.


We hauled ourselves to Rapids Brewing for the first of two stops on the brewery tour.

The brewery was packed and we struggled to find a table but we did and were able to sit and relax and the food and drinks.

Beer #1: Rock Out With Your Maibock Out

Yes! Such goodness. It's kinda like a May version of an Oktoberfest. Malty and sweet but a bit lighter. I didn't get a lot of hops out of it. It was a bit drier than an Oktoberfest. Definitely toasty and bready too. I'd drink this again.

Beer #2: Jam IPA

Not too much to this one. A solid IPA. I don't think it's worth a trip to the brewery by itself but it's a good beer.

Food #1: Nachos

Yes, the food is equally good here.

We ordered the nachos to start. The most impressive thing about these nachos where that they send them to the table with the carnitas on the side. It looked good but being the veggie that I am, I appreciated that. There are two things that really stand out on the flavor for this. First, they are done in the wood-fired pizza oven giving them a nice hint of smokiness. Second, the spicing was just right. Just enough to tell you, "Hey, I'm nachos and I can punch you in the face if I want but I'm not going to." 

Food #2: Caprese Pizza

OMG! I could eat this every day. There is definitely rosemary and garlic. Then, there the fresh mozzarella. That really shined for me. But the gremolada (which I didn't know what it was) and balsamic get drizzled around this pizza after cooking. That flavor is spectacular on this dish. the only thing I would change, cut the tomatoes into pieces versus having half cherry tomatoes. It would be awesome to get that flavor in each bite too.

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