Plant Photography Practice

Wild North


The purple and orange flowers were photographed on the Magnetic Rock Trail outside of Grand Marais, MN, USA. They both caught my eye on the side of the trail and were a good short rest from the trail. The white flower (I don't know flower names...) is from Lutsen Mountain in Tofte, MN, USA. To get the last one, we took the gondola ride to the far side of the mountain to hike a trail. These white flowers were everywhere; maybe trying to look like snow in the summer.

I tried to get as close to the flowers as possible when taking the photos and this decreased the amount of cropping needed. There was some cropping to make them square. There is also some editing to adjust the colors to match what I think I saw with my eye that the camera didn't quite capture. Finetuning...

Overall, they turned out well. I think these may get printed on a 4x4 canvas, metal, or glass. I'm just not sure where they'll go.