Macro Practice or The Tale of Two Photos

Eye Catcher

On my walk this morning, this big floppy pink flower (again, I don't know flower names) covered in raindrops literally pulled my eye and feet to it. It was spectacular. The color and the shades of pink turning deeper as you get to the center were amazing. Then the water drops on the petal started to stand out in my mind. I just thought it was perfect. It's not truly macro photography but a pretty good close-up shot that was able to pull in the details. I did a little editing to crop out a couple of yucky parts of the flower. I also increased the sharpness to make the raindrops pop a little bit. I think I might have this one printed and give it to the homeowner where this beautiful flower lives.

iPhone 12 Max Pro

Crystals, Raindrops, and a Flower

Same flower. This one is really macro. The toughest part of macro with the iPhone is holding the phone still enough to get the picture. I zoomed in all the way (12x) and moved the lens as close as I could while still keeping focus. I was surprised that I was able to get it this close and have the focus. Then, I was blown away by the detail on the flower. The water drops are awesome but the crystals on the petal are wonderful. I did crop this one to try and get the drops cluster on a rule of thirds axis. I didn't do much of anything with the colors, exposure, and anything else. I did add a slight vignette to lighten the corners and give a hint of possible light around the edges.

iPhone 12 Pro Max