Lunch Break - People Practice

Lunch Break

Another photo from Bde Maka Ska featuring a lifeguard chair. This is an older perch and I don't think this person is a lifeguard or maybe this person is the world's worst-dressed lifeguard.

There's a lot going on in this photo for me. The background shows the skyline of Minneapolis. It also shows the wildfire haze that has descended on my hometown. I'm not sure why but there is one low building that really stands out.

A little closer, you move into the water and get a hint of the sailboats moored on the north end of the lake. Still closer, you get a sense of the swim area with the buoy markers. 

The real focus of this photo is the person in the chair. There's a complete story here that can be told. I like that you can't see the face of the person, suggesting that it could be just about anyone.

In terms of editing, not much. A little cropping and straightening and a little exposure change to really make the person stand out. Overall, the original photo was pretty accurate.