Klockow Brewing, Grand Rapids, MN, USA


Klockow Brewing

For this one, it was Flight Time. Four 4 oz. beers. It's a good way to get a sample of a few beers that you think you might like.

Here's the rundown...

Beer #1: Superior Lobe, Hefeweizen

Not a fan. Not sure why. I think it was pretty much on style but it just didn't rock my world.

Beer #2: Siduri's Garden

This was better. I do love a good Saison. This one had a few surprises mixed and I don't think I could tell you what they were. It was good though.

Beer #3: Hays on Tay Scotch Ale

Blam! Malt in your face. This was great. Heavy malt. Kinda sweet but definitely bready with a little bit of toast. The scotch comes through but isn't overpowering. I'd drink this one again.

Beer #4: Guardians of the Beam

Maple, bourbon. Another malty beer. This was great and I was thrown off by the wild rice in the name but that didn't come through much for me at all. I can imagine this being a solid brown ale but improved greatly with the barrel aging.

Bonus Beer: Black is Beautiful

If you haven't checked this out yet. It\"s an awesome project. Click here to read about it. Klockow's take is solid. It's still aging but it was definitely at least on par with the samples of this beer that I've tasted and I'm not a huge fan of the style. 

The best part of this sample is the brewer remembered my friend who asked about it the last time he visited and brought us out a sample from the back. This beer wasn't on the menu but wanted us to give it a taste. Knowing people comes with perks...