July Challenge

Hey Y'all!

Thanks for visiting the blog. I challenged myself during the month of July 2020 to do 2 things.
  • Publish 30 things on this blog.
  • Put my creativity (such that it is) out there for the world to see.
Why? Great question.

I used to (several years ago) write a lot. Mostly about teaching. I published often and found writing to be a great outlet for all the things in my head. Sometimes it was just random stuff. Sometimes it was thought-provoking. Either way, I enjoyed it. I felt better after writing. Things got out of my head. Being an introvert, I didn't want to sit and discuss all this stuff with anyone, I just needed to get it out.

Secondly, I love doing creative things but it all just sits. Showing it, good or bad, is a risk that I ask my students and my own kiddos to take and I thought I should do it too. This blog is a good way to put things into the world...just need to share the blog with everyone.


I realized while cleaning up some digital stuff that I had this blog. I reworked it a bit. Changed the theme. Changed the style. Made a new logo. Added some categories to the stuff. Then started publishing.

I fell short of the 30 posts I was hoping for but came close. I think this post is 28.

The good part is that I published. Also, it's not just random writing. It's photos, poetry, beer, education, and some ramblings (more of that coming in August). The poetry is the biggest risk because it comes from the heart and putting your heart out there is, whoa. Especially because some of it was written years ago during some tough times. Photography is second because it's so subjective and I'm by no means and professional photographer. 

Well, I hope you like the blog. Actually...yeah, I do.  But if you don't, I still love you and I'm still happy that it's all out there.