Fulton Barrel Aged Dopplebock

Sometimes it's the beer.
Sometimes it's the company.
Sometimes it's the location.


This time it was the beer: Fulton's Barrel Aged Doppelbock.

This time it was the company: a great teacher friend at the end of the school year.

This time it was the location: Fulton's awesome patio in front of their brewery before a Twins game.

Doppelbocks are a favorite and this one did not disappoint. It has the malty, sweet, bready goodness that I love in a beer. Plus, it's a "doppel" and that's just a fancy way of saying double. So the goodness is doubled. I'll take that any day. There was definitely some dark fruit/raison in this one but it was subtle and didn't take over.

But where did this beer shine? 

The whiskey barrel. Holy cow. I'm not a whiskey drinker, nor have I ever been to Panther Distillery.  That said, the whisky added another whole level of flavor that really has an impact. Again, not overpowering but definitely present and enjoyable.

I'd love to improve this trifecta of a day with a flight of regular bock, doppelbock, and barrel-aged doppelbock. I'd probably need a ride home but I can't even imagine how delicious that would be.

*Sorry, no pictures. I was too busy enjoying. Hopefully I can get back soon...