Fargo Brewing Company, Fargo, North Dakota

Well, I can't believe that my little kiddo is old enough but I took him on his first college visit last week.  Crazy. Granted we are getting an early start (starting his junior year) but time is really flying. The first trip was to Fargo to visit NDSU, home of the Bison.

I didn't realize that Fargo was home to so many breweries. I couldn't find time to visit all of them in our quick overnight visit. In looking at the beer lists, I found two breweries that had beers with bananas in them. I do love banana-based things - pies, cocktails, candy...

The first brewery was Fargo Brewing Company.

Slap Bracelet

This was a solid beer but I didn't get a ton of the banana. The biggest flavor is pineapple providing a fruity, almost sour feeling. Then the raspberry hits you. Not overpowering but definitely there. The flavor profile on their website says there are marshmallows but I didn't get that flavor. Maybe it was just providing the sweetness and perhaps I was expecting more of a roasty campfire flavor from this. 

I'm not sure I'd make a trip to Fargo for this beer but if I was in town, I'd add it to a flight and try a few more of the beers.

The brewery was pretty cool. The bar space was open and easy to get a beer. There was also a garage space with a band playing but, as usual, I wasn't in the mood for music blasting. I chose to sit on the patio space on the other side and it was full of green space with tables. It was relaxing. At least until the smokers came out and stood by the tables. Then three people stood right next to the table I was sitting at and I got to hear every word of their conversation. They were truly oblivious to everyone around them. That was super annoying.

The people around your beer experience definitely have an impact on your enjoyment.