Everywhere, every little thing, Blessings everywhere.

Here, guitars, drums, tambourines, and Amens.
Downstairs, tiny shining faces soaking up the Word.
Over there, Fellowship of His people in chocolate chip cookies.

At home, a simple table Prayer of Thanks for everything.
In the operating room, the doctors and nurses, hands guided thru Him, giving, healing.
Waiting in the toy aisle, a random and strange God bless you for a sneeze.
Before school, the music of Praise streaming in the classroom speakers.

In the silence of sleep, a happy, unconscious thought of an ever-present Angel.
A baby, too young to know, but sent and accepted by All.
In the alley, a pretty pink bike found by a new Friend for a beautiful little girl.
Between two people, simple Love and a lifelong Vow.

Everywhere,  every little thing, Blessings everywhere.

-Undated, circa 2009