Drekker Brewing Company, Fargo, North Dakota

The second brewery was Drekker Brewing Company. This is my second trip to Drekker but the first was during the COVID lockdown and we weren't able to sit and enjoy a beer in the taproom. We had to get beers to go and I honestly don't remember what I got.

I sat at the end of the bar and was able to watch the world go around. Several people said hi and had mini-conversations while they waited for their beer. There weren't a lot of people so the waits were short and I didn't have to do too much chit-chat. The bartenders were great. I got my beer quickly and they kept checking in to make sure I was doing well. They even recommended a liquor store where I might find a beer that was interesting but no longer on tap. It was a quality experience in the taproom.


Interesting beer. Smoothie sour. Kinda had a milkshake feel to it. Crossed with an Orange Julius. Definitely banana but not overpowering. Lots of strawberries. I got a little blueberry. This combo of flavors really puckers and this is truly a sour. The lactose gives the milkshake feel and feels milky and smooth. I saw a description of this beer that includes sea salt. I'm not sure about this one but it may have been lost in the mix of bigger flavors that hit you in the face.

One pint of this beer was enough. I'm not sure I could do more. It's sweet and the flavors got started to be overpowering toward the end.

Overall, enjoyable beer and great taproom.