Broken Clock, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Okay, so this is a bit of a cheat. It was part of CABIN WEEK!™ but wasn't consumed at the brewery during BREWERY DAY™.  I was lucky enough to find these at the Brooklyn Center, MN Muni before we left town. I'm sure that consuming them by a lake with the sun shining and a couple of good friends around only makes them better.

Beer #1: Sundial Citrus IPA
It's good. I think I'm starting to be over IPAs because I haven't really found a stand-out IPA in a while. They aren't bad, it's just there are other things I'm more interested in. That said, this is a solid IPA. The Citra hops give it a grapefruit citrus flavor and the Mosaic hops give it a balance so it's not overpowering.

Beer #2: Bock 2 the Future
Again with the bocks...This one is really good. It's sweet but not overly. Strong (8ish%) but not knock you on your butt strong. The malt is toasty and bready. There's a hint of caramel/toffee that hits just about perfectly. I'd drink this one again.