Beach Date - People Practice

Beach Date

This might be the most difficult genre of photography for me. There are so many issues that swirl in my head while trying to get candid/street photos of people. Am I being creepy? Did they see me? Is there an expectation of privacy? Am I being creepy? Would I want this photo taken of me? Am I being creepy?

Despite all of that, I'm working on getting some good people photos. This is Bde Maka Ska in the lakes region of Minneapolis. On the beaches, there are lifeguard chairs. Some are old-school metal frame perches that look like they are going to fall over. There are also these nice wooden ones that are solid and have room for more than one person.

I don't think either of these people are lifeguards and they are simply hanging out together. I took several photos. Some zoomed out to show the whole chair and a little of the beach. A few with just the chair. And then a few of just the top of the top with the two people sitting there. 

This photo speaks to me because there is a story that can be told between the two people. It took a while to get both of them looking at each other and it appears that they both are smiling, although the person on the right is a bit more mysterious with the smile.

I also like the depth showing the water, the trees, and even a glimpse of downtown Minneapolis (contrasting the beach).

Lastly, I edited this slightly with cropping and straightening.  I also adjusted the colors a bit to better show true skin tones from what I remember in my brain.