Google Certified Educator!!! Or Taking Risks

I've had some issues with having loads of ideas. Some good, some really bad. Really bad. The biggest issue is that the ideas stay in my head or in my notebook and they never get acted on. There is a definite aspect of failure, even with ideas that I think are pretty darn good.

Well, I decided to start acting on some ideas.

The first one was Google Educator Certification. This one is timely because I'll be searching for and interviewing for a new position this spring for the next school year.

I've looked at the training materials. I've studied. I've talked with teacher friends. But I've never moved beyond that. In fact, I spent $10 to register for the exam and then never took it. Yep, wasted money.

Well, I registered again. Then I took the test.  After a three-day wait, there was an email. I passed!!!

Then, I explored the Level 2 Certification. I decided to go for it. I spent the money and immediately registered knowing I only had 8 days to take the test.

I texted my friend @wwolfe105 and she sent me a checklist from a friend that might be covered. I also spend a couple hours with the Google training.

Then I took the test.

Then I waited.

Then I couldn't wait any longer. I logged into the certification site and it listed my exam as passed!!! A couple days later, I got the official email.

I'm so excited!!! I'm a Google Level 2 Certified Educator. I'm glad that I finally took the plunge and just did it.

Now, on to Google Certified Trainer certification...

Or my next idea from the notebook...