Pyres Miraculum

Dinner at the Red Cow in downtown Minneapolis included an amazing Grilled Cheese sandwich with BBQ chips in the middle. I could go on but this is a beer blog.

This was one of the times that I needed to search out a brew I had never had. Even with the Surly Tap Takeover that was happening, I was still searching.  I found two.  The first was Pyres Miraculum. Pyres calls it a MN IPA.

I was out with a few friends and didn't feel comfortable taking a picture.

Mirauclum has a deep malty redness but clear enough to let the light shine through.  There is a wonderful hop aroma. It's fresh and light.  It hits you with the citrus hop flavor, then a sweet malty flavor.  On the back end, I got more the citrus finish but wasn't a traditional hop citrus. This is a very smooth beer and it paired well with the smoked gouda in the grilled cheese.

Cheers. Oh, I mentioned two beers. Your can read about the other one here.