Lift Bridge Cowlaboration

As promised: The second beer of the Red Cow-North Loop trip.

Lift Bridge came through. I haven't had many beers from Lift Bridge that are outstanding. They are good but not amazing standouts in a crowded field. I wouldn't turn them down though.

This was one that was simply delicious.  

Lift Bridge Cowlaboration #3: Chocolate Milk Porter.

It appears that this was brewed just for Red Cow as it is only listed on their menu and I couldn't find it on the Lift Bridge site.  

This is most definitely a dessert beer and I'm glad that I didn't order it first. It would have ruined the sandwich and the Pyres Miraculum that would have come second.  

I can best describe this beer as a pretty standard porter, right on style. But this is where it gets interesting. I wish I had watch them pour this beer because then I could say without a doubt that no one just dumped in a chocolate milk and it was truly brewed with this flavor.  

I was blown away at how much these flavors mixed and melded but were also distinct enough to really set this beer apart.  There was a decent amount of sweetness to knock this out of the park as a dessert beer. There was also a enough porter to make it stick to you.  It's a really dark brown that doesn't let any light through. The carbonation is low but is perfect for what this beer is. 

Chocolate milk, porter. Goodness all around.  Well done!!!