Eastlake Brewing & Tavern

You've already read about the Nicollet Mauler Black IPA and you should go get one.

Well enjoying the beer, I tried to snoop around a bit and get some pictures.  I didn't need to do much snooping though because it's just not all that big of a place, which makes it so cool.

The tap room is roughly double the size of my classroom. The bar wraps around the taps in an L-shape. There are plenty of long tables for sitting and window seating that looks out over  Lake Street.  If you sit next to the windows, you can turn and see the whole taproom.  The bar back is all black tile with black chalkboards listing all the beer and swag available. There is also eye-popping white letting under the taps.

Behind the bar wall is the cold room.  The cool part of the cold room is the that there is a glass door so you can see some the kegs and lines. I was intrigued because the kegs are 1/6 barrel and a few 1/2 barrel and just a step up from homebrewing.

The brewery area is really just a garage stall. There is a glass garage door that lets wanderers see what is happening in there. Unfortunately, I wasn't there on a brew day. I would be dollars to doughnuts to that it makes the whole Midtown Global Market smell amazing. It's pretty amazing to see how much stainless steel they packed into this small space. 

Being there on a brew day and seeing how the brewers are able to make the space work would be fun to watch.