AVID & Moodle

 I've been trying for a while now to figure out an online way to organize the lessons for my AVID classes.  I've used Blogger for posting lesson plans.  I've tried Haiku Learning for a brief spell (I think it might be the best option but it hasn't been easy to get it to play nice with other systems my school is using).  I've tried Weebly for posting lessons.  All worked but none perfectly.  Each had things that I loved and things that hated.

The lessor of all the evils is Moodle.  It's not perfect but it works the best in my situation and with all the other pieces that our school uses.  

I thought I would give a short overview of how the AVID Moodle is set up (it's closed and a public part isn't an option).

The top part of the Moodle is for Announcements.  Right now, there is an announcement about our upcoming field trip.

The first section is set up for "AVID Basics."  I'll be adding a few short documentary style videos outlining how binders should look, how to take Cornell Notes, and what the perfect tutorial looks like.

Next, there is one section for each grade level.  I thought about doing different Moodles for each grade but that seemed way to overwhelming.  Each section has the following in it:
  • Warm-ups - set up as a forum
  • Writing - set up as a label like the other WICOR pieces.
  • Inquiry
  • Collaboration
  • Organization
  • Reading

In each part, I add the assignments that fit in each area.  Right now, there are two inquiry assignments, two reading assignments, and three organization assignments.  The Warm-ups are turned on and off daily so that students only have access to the current one.  

I've been told that my district is moving to another system in sometime in January.  I'm not sure what it is or how it will mesh with Moodle.  For now, Moodle is my best option but I'm not completely sold on it.