Device Management Dream

Last school year I had a classroom set of MacBooks.  They were a mix of older ones with the case that would crack by your wrist and the unibody ones with the grey bottom that would come off.  In addition to all that, they were old and the batteries were a disaster and the keys were starting to pop off.  They took at least 5 minutes to log in and be ready for a student to work.  There were many times when we would lose wireless connections or log ins simply wouldn't work.

Then I got Chromebooks.

I never thought of myself as a device manager.  The MacBooks were locked down tight and I couldn't make any changes as a classroom teacher.  Anytime something needed to be fixed, they needed to go to a district tech person.

When this school year started, I needed to update the Chromebooks that had been sitting all summer.  I had also changed schools and needed to update wireless access.

In less than 90 minutes all the Chromebooks had been updated and were ready for a new class of students.  It was all done by a classroom teacher and a tutor.

I'm continually blown away by how easy the Chromebooks are to maintain.  Not only are these laptops less expensive, they are also easier to maintain.  They save money by not having to pay a tech person to come out and work their magic.

Now, if I could just find someone to donate a Chromebook Pixel....