Google Enterprise Customer Service - Amazing

Through Donor's Choose, I wrote a project for 30 Chromebooks.  It was funded by my awesome friends and family and complete strangers.

All 30 of them arrived.  It was like Christmas in May with a light snow falling Minneapolis.

One of the Chromebooks came with a keyboard that didn't work.  The home row (asdfghjkl) wouldn't do anything.  This made it impossible to put in the school wifi password.

But this post is about Google Enterprise customer service.

I emailed the generic support email and got a response within 10 minutes.  That never happens.

They needed more information which I sent back immediately.  Ten minutes later, I got another email saying that my hardware issue had been escalated to the replacement people.  I also got a phone call from the same person who sent the email to make sure I understood everything and to answer any other questions.  Really?  Awesome!!!

By the afternoon, I had an email from the replacement people saying that my replacement Chromebook was already being shipped out and complete directions for returning the defective one.

I'm blown away.  The support from Google Enterprise was outstanding.  I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Thank you Google!!!