They have arrived!  I spent a Friday afternoon unboxing all of them and setting up the cart.  Then I took one home for the weekend to play.  I put the MacBook Pro and iPad on the shelf.

I loved it!

It did everything that I needed and wanted it to do.  The battery was a champ.

My only issue was the screen size.  I'm a bit spoiled with the MacBook size.  It's not much bigger but the jump from 11" to 13" is considerable.

Today was the first day the students go their hands on them.  I'll write about that tomorrow. Right now, I just want to enjoy the fact that my friends and family donated the funds to support students they have never met, a teacher they have never seen teach, and a classroom in a building they've never been too.  Just blind faith that I'm a good teacher, leading great students, and will make the most of their generosity.  What a blessing!!!


  1. I have had chromebooks for 2 years and immediately went paperless for assignments. The chrome web apps and all google really engaged my students.


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