Donor's Choose & Chromebooks

I currently have a project live on Donor's Choose.  You can find it by clicking here.

This project is raising funds for 30 Chromebooks.  The super awesome part of this is that Donor's Choose was offering the laptops for $100.  A $450 laptop for $100.  I quickly created a project to fund laptops for my classroom.

The total cost for these awesome laptops is $3000.  Donor's Choose added on a donation of about $500.

My family and friends graciously raised about $1000.  I was able to secure about $1400 from a couple of foundations.  There are also a bunch of random donations in there from well wishers.

I have $194 left to fund for the laptops.  $194!!!!

I've never used my blog to fundraiser or to ask for anything.  It has only been a place for me to share.  I think it would be absolutely amazing if the people who read this blog were to fund the last few dollars of this project.

Can you spare $20, $50, $100 for this project?

My students will be blogging, creating websites, publishing with Google Docs, and creating with other webtools.  These laptops will make their education so much more valuable.

Thank you for reading and hopefully funding.