Chromebooks and Donor's Choose, part 2

Okay, my last post was woefully inaccurate.  There appears to be some fine print that I didn't understand and I'm not totally in favor of.

Donor's Choose includes an optional donation to them with every donation.  There is fine print that says 15% of your donation is going to Donor's Choose and not the project.  It is optional but you have to opt out of this part.  OPT OUT.  I didn't see this when I donated to my project and I'm guessing none of my donors did either.

So, instead of $194, I have $528 left to fund this project.

Regardless, it is steal of a deal for 30 laptops.  In total, it is $3500 for 30 laptops.

If I was running the Donor's Choose website, I would make it clearer that 15% of your donation is going directly to Donor's Choose.  I'd also make it clearer that you can opt out or reduce percentage.

Okay, </rant>.

I still would love to fund this project.  Can you support me and my students with $20, $50 or $100?

Thank you,

Ben Knaus