That day when I:

  • Email some contacts about a charter school opportunity that I'm half-way interested in.
  • Make sure 6th graders have materials during my 7th grade advisory.
  • Create an agenda section on my chalkboard and use chalk for the first time this school year.
  • Experiment with Class Dojo for tracking group points in my AVID classes.  Anyone using this?  I'm curious.
  • Try to manage my AVID classes that are getting rambunctious because it's almost Friday and 6th grade has been on a field trip all day.
  • Sit in another 60 minute budget meeting.  I think this is the last one.  There was a lot of heartache in the room with $50,000 in budget cuts.
  • Cook dinner.
  • Play games with the wonderful kids.  Have I mentioned how much I love picking my Ella up at daycare?
  • Have a beer while blogging my day.  It's Rampant by New Belgium and mighty tasty with hops. It'll help my fall asleep although probably not help me sleep better.