It's that day where:

  • I said "have a great day" to my own kids the night before because they are asleep when I leave for school.
  • I whisper "I love you" to my wife and she sleepily grumbles something back that vaguely sounds like "I love you" because she's still sleeping.
  • I jump in my car and drive in the dark to a classroom with no windows.
  • I turn off the wireless on my phone because the things I use to connect to the outside world are blocked and only available with cell service.
  • I plan a quick math lesson for my advisory even though I'm not a math teacher.
  • I grade all the papers during my prep that I should have looked at over the weekend.
  • I daydream about walking away and starting a brewery.
  • I manage 4 tutors that come to my room to work with the 4 classes I teach (adults are harder than kids).
  • I listen to the problems of middle schoolers that are the worst possible things right now but will be forgotten in two hours.
  • I sit in a meeting for 90 minutes after a full day of teaching to figure out how to cut $50,000 from a budget that was already bare-bones.  
  • I walk outside and let the beautiful sunshine burn my starved eyes.
  • I race to daycare to pick up my equally sunshiny daughter and wrap her in my arms.
  • I cook dinner and discuss the day with my family.
  • I play 10 games of Monopoly Deal and Princess Dominoes.
  • I check my email, post on Facebook, quickly scan Twitter and read through Reader.
  • I kiss my kids goodnight as they sleep soundly and wish a great tomorrow.