It's Friday and I'm not going to be blogging tonight.  I thought I would add my Friday before I leave school:

That day where I:

  • scramble to make sure I have enough copies of flyers to go home for the 6th graders that I'm covering.
  • watch as AVID students pound away at high school AVID applications and struggle with thesis statements and supporting facts.
  • spend my lunch time finishing the Fun Friday movie we started before lunch.
  • find out information about makes me think somethings are shady and need to be clarified.
  • celebrate the birthday of a 3 year old in our Friday Family group.
  • enjoy a beverage or two with the above mentioned Friday Family group.
  • go out with some friends to watch the Gopher hockey game at an establishment.
That's all.  Have a great weekend!  I'll be back sometime tomorrow with Saturday.