Testing, iPads, and Observations

What a day!

My entire lesson plan was based on editing Google Docs  of writing that students had done.  We were going to be underlining, highlighting, adding comments, and then rewriting.  I was actually excited about the editing, collaboration, and revising.

Then testing...

My instructional space was being used for testing.  No interruptions.  None.  Did I mention that they can't be interrupted?  Testing was supposed to be done before my 3rd hour class.  It wasn't.

Guess where my laptop cart is. In the room where testing is happening.  Not getting that.  Dang. No interruptions.

Oh, quick tech thinking.  Go get the iPad cart.  So, here I am with 25 8th graders in a new room with a new device.  I've never edited Gdocs on an iPad before.  I don't think I will ever again.  We couldn't highlight, underline or comment.  It was a diaster.  I was game for it though.  We ended up playing Free Rice.  I kicked every single 8th graders butt.

So, in thinking about classroom technology, I'm still sold on Chromebooks for ease, functionality, and price.  iPads still win on battery but Chromebooks can get up to 6 hours.  That's a school day.

Okay, testing took my classroom.  The iPads didn't work.  How about the observation?  My principal told me that she was going to do my "short" observation today.  She couldn't find me!  Thankfully, she decided that today wasn't the day for it.

I'm ready to go home, have dinner, snuggle my kids, relax with a beverage, and probably go to bed early.  Tomorrow will be a new day.

**Anyone interested in supporting my Chromebook project on Donor's Choose can visit www.donorschoose.org/mrknaus.  I am so class and I would be eternally grateful.