That Would Be Nice...

"So, my grade isn't based on what I get on a test?" - Student 1

"You want me to tell you what I've learned and what my grade should be?" - Student 2

"Yes, what do you think you've learned this quarter?  What value do you think it has?" - Me

"I wish every class was like this." - Student 1

Now, for this quote, think of a scene where some is looking off into the distance and is just starting to day dream.

"That would be niiiicccceeee."

My elective class this quarter is called Creating on the Web.  We've done daily blogging.  We've set up sites on Google Sites and Weebly.  We've explored a ton of tools like Xtranormal, Google Maps, Voki, and so much more.

I post work each day on Edmodo.  They come to class, log in, read/watch/listen online for directions.  Then they DO.  They create.  They explore.  They embed.  They post.  They make it happen.

I would say that 90% of the class did everything that was asked of them.  There is 10% that saw this as game playing time.  I babysat them on occasion and got them to post some work.  I'm not overly worried about the 10%.  I can't force them to learn this way or any other way.  I know that they got some skills.

The students were blown away when I told them at the beginning that their site could be about anything  and they had to create things that fit their topic.  I told them that I was more concerned about them creating and doing and learning than I was about what they actually put into the creations.  For example, on Voki, we learned how to create a Voki and put it on our site.  If they figured out how to DO Voki, they got the learning.  If their Voki was about a Unicorn invasion, so be it (true story).

I'm excited to read their reflection papers and see how they grade themselves.

It is nice.  I can't wait to teach this way again.


  1. This is really interesting....

  2. I hope you follow up with this post when you see their reflections. I love the challenge posted to the students.

    On Google Sites, I got into them more than previously - - did your students work with text boxes? I had some fun and wanted to share! :)


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