Total Money Makeover: Television

We haven't had our debt talk yet.  I'm going to finish the book tonight and get the wife to start reading it.  Hopefully, while she is reading, we can start the debt conversation.

In the meantime, I want to find ways to reduce the money that we spend.  There will be big ways and little ways.  Today, I want to talk about a bigger way: Television.

We watch a lot of television but it's not intentional.  We don't have many shows that we watch every week.  The kids watch a lot of cartoons and that's it.  I watch live sports.  Mostly, it's a distraction and background noise in the evening.

We've done some math.  We are paying $70 a month for DirectTV.  That's a lot of money for cartoons and background noise.  We ditching it.  Tonight at midnight, it will be shut off.  The kids will be sad that we lose Disney channel (they have an app!).  The only thing my wife will miss is Castle but that is on network TV and we should be able to get that.  I'll miss Gopher hockey but I'm sure that I can figure out a way to see at least one game every weekend.

Okay, let's talk savings:

$70 per month for DirectTV - SAVED

$8 for Netflix - spent
$8 for HuluPlus - not yet spent but maybe

We also bought an Apple TV ($100) and a digital antenna ($25).

We'll save $54 per month (if we get Hulu Plus)

For less than the cost of 3 months of DirectTV, we are able to have a Apple TV and  a digital antenna.

That extra $50 goes right toward another bill.  It's not new money.  It's just being shifted from a monthly recurring bill to a debt.

I'll be looking for more ways to save money.  Insurance might be next.  We are using the same guy my dad has used forever and I'm guessing it's not the best deal in town.

Any ideas for saving big chunks of money every month?