Total Money Makeover: Fast Food

I'm looking for two things right now:

  1. Ways to not spend so much money.
  2. Ways to bring more money into the home.
For step one, I went through my Wells Fargo account statement online.  I took one expense category and added it up.  I started with fast food because I know that I stop at various places with the kids and by myself for treats and meals because it is easier, quicker, less hassle, and causes fewer arguments.

Adding up all the fast food places that I went to in 30 days was $275.

That is astounding.  Not that I don't love a #6 from Jimmy John's.

But $275?  Just for reference, my car payment, which I want to get rid of, is $205.  My credit card, which I also want to get rid of, is $230.  What if I doubled my credit card payment?  My student loan is $360.  What about adding $200 to that payment?  How much food could I buy from a grocery store with $275?

I was shocked.  $275.  

I'm making a deliberate effort this month to not spend any money on fast food.  I'll miss #6 but it's worth it if I can lower one of my debts.

On to Step 2.  I need to figure out a way to bring in more money.  In the past, I paid for a cheap motorcycle using blood money.  Okay, actually plasma money from Bio Life Plasma.  I checked into this and it's $240 a month if I donate twice a week.  The problem here is time.  Having a family with two kids, a full time job, chairing a non-profit, and being on the church council eats up time.  

So some money making options:
  • donating plasma
  • getting serious about photography and trying to sell some.
    • prints, cards, calendars, etc
    • online and craft shows
Any other ideas to save some money or bring in extra money without getting "real" part-time job?


  1. Fast food can negatively affect the health when not consumed in moderation, and can cause obesity and various diseases such as heart disease, joints disease and high blood pressure.

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  2. Thanks for the comment. I absolutely agree with you. Being healthy is another one of the things I'm looking at with the Money Makeover.

    I'm going to try 30 days without fast food and see what happens. Maybe even try to throw in some exercise.


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