iPad Mini vs. Microsoft Surface

Today, I was able to get my hands on both the iPad Mini and the Microsoft Surface.  The Mall of America has an Apple store and right across the hall is a Microsoft Store.  Great plan for Microsoft.

I'll start with the Surface.  Junk.  At least for schools or kids.  It has a little tab to folds out from the back. This lets the screen stand up.  I picked up the surface and, honestly, my first thought was "This little flap is going to snap off the first time a 7th grader gets it."  The keyboard that was attached was flat, had no tactile response and was a goofy color.

I hope hoped that that it might be something to use in a classroom.  Not so.

The Apple store almost saw me walk out with an iPad Mini today.  It was perfect.  The one reason I haven't bought an iPad yet is the size.  It's just a bit too bulky for me to have as an always with me device.  The Mini was amazing.  Everything that I loved about iPad in a smaller, one-hand size.

I actually like the feel of the Mini in my hand.  It has a square edge, which I prefer to the tapered edge of the full size.  It felt solid.

Going in, I didn't see the value of the iPad Mini.  I thought it was over priced for the size and not much more than an iPod Touch.  Wrong.  I can totally see the Mini as something that I can walk around the classroom with and use comfortably around the house.

Well done Apple.