Family Time!!! Part 1

We are huge Elf on the Shelf fans in our house.  Last year was our first year and I want to do so much more with our elf, Albert, this year.  I've been gathering Elf ideas from Pinterest.  I've been talking to friends and planning.

I had a BRILLIANT idea this morning.  Here it goes:

I took my wife's iPhone.  Went into contacts and changed mine from me to "Albert the Elf."  Then, I figured out where our elf would be and took a picture.  After having the evidence of the elf in the house, I sent the pictures via text message to the wife.

She showed the picture, complete with From Albert The Elf at the top, to the kids.  They immediately raced to the scene of the picture but, alas, he was already gone.

I see this continuing all through the holiday.  Now, if we can only get him to stay put in one spot for a while...