AVID Tutorials

A huge part of the AVID program is tutorials.  Huge.  I firmly believe in the power of the tutorial if the students by into it and make the most of it.

Here's the process:

Students fill out a Tutorial Request Form as homework and end up with a question that they are confused about from one of their core classes.  Then we get into groups of 5 or 6 with a tutor. Students present their questions, students ask questions, dig for answers and end up with an understanding of how to solve their confusion.

Right now, none of my classes are totally into this.  It might be because we are doing it two days a week and it's the end of November.  It might because they are getting straight As in all their class (not-so-much).  They just aren't  into it.

I'm planning to mix it up.  Here's my two ideas:
  1. Instead of doing tutorials two days a week, we'll do one tutorial and one study skill/study/reading day with the tutors.  This will break up the monotony and provide for some other learning.
  2. Pull more technology into the tutorials.  Right now, it's 5 or 6 students sitting around a table with a tutor.  One student is presenting at a white board.  The rest of the group is copying down notes and asking questions.  It's really more of students taking notes than it is a study group
The technology I want to do includes a TV connected to an iPad running Show Me.  They still need to come with a completed tutorial form.  However, instead of putting all the information on the whiteboard, we'll take a picture of the form using Show Me.  They can project this on the TV and talk through it.  The whole time we'll be recording.  Then we open a clear screen and we start drawing and talking through the question.

After the question is solved and the student presenter has an answer, they finish the recording, and upload it to my teacher page on Show Me.

No one needs to have a notebook.  No one needs to take notes during the presentation.  Everything is online for the students to see anytime.

Of course, this comes down to cost.  An iPad 2 is $400. A decent TV is about $200.  I also need the dock to VGA cord at about $30.   Roughly $650 per tutorial station.  We'd need 5 tutorial stations in the room.  So it would be just over $3000.

That's a lot of money to rehab our tutorials.  I think it would be awesome because it is what they will be using in college and the business world.  It's what they are already using outside of class.

Who wants to donate any or all of the technology to my classroom?