$10,000 per student

I just finished reading this article from Education Stormfront.

I left a comment but it also seemed like a blog post.

Let me start by saying that I'm an English Language Arts licensed teacher.  I have a great friend who is a Social Studies teacher and another who is a Science teacher.  I don't have a great friend that is a math teacher but I bet I can find one.

So, each student is worth about $10,000.  In my district, it is closer to about $13,000, I believe.  But we'll got with the lower amount for now.

In middle school, to be really effective, you should have a teacher for each content area (ELA, math, social studies, science).  Please notice that I didn't say each of these should be a different classroom.  More on that later.  So, with the dollar amount listed, that comes out to $2500 per student.

In budgetting for positions, each position is $88,000 (salary and benefits).  Of course this is an average but a great starting point.  To get to that amount based on $2500 per student, with a group of 4 teachers, we need 36 students (35.2 but a .2 student gets messy).

36 students, 4 teachers.

Seems like a great deal.

What am I missing?

How do I get


  1. As a central office guy who sees some of the budget figures, I can confirm that most of the money in a district is usually spent on people. A rough number is 80% of a district's budget pays for salaries and benefits - this includes custodial staff, secretaries, building and central administration, specialist and regular education teachers. The other ~20% pays to keep the lights on, transport students to school, pay for textbooks, computers and professional learning, etc.

  2. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the comment. I value your insights and appreciated you reading. I had a long response to your comment but decided not to publish it because, well, I like my job and where I'm at.



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