10 Days in November

I haven't been blogging enough.  I think it is due to time and not having enough.  I also think it's due to not having enough positive to say.  I've got some November school blah, general anti-school-system anger, and just simply too much happening.

Here's my last 10 days:

Friday, 11/9 - All day AVID field trip to the University of Minnesota with 78 kids and 6 adults. Prepped in the evening for the board meeting on Saturday.

Saturday, 11/10 - Chaired a board meeting for The Camden Promise.  Missed a friend's kid's birthday party and swim lessons.

Sunday, 11/11 - Church Council meeting (not the chair, just a council member). Completed 2 hours of pre-observation planning for one of my formal teacher observations.

Monday, 11/12 - Pre-observation meeting. Full day of teaching.  Prepping for observation lesson.

Tuesday, 11/13 - Formal teaching observation.  Professional Development meeting.  Full day of teaching. Half hour of reflection from the observation.  Took my son to his sports sampler class.

Wednesday, 11/14 - Full day of teaching.  AVID Family Night.  13 hours at school.

Thursday, 11/15 - Teaching.  Staff meeting. Coordinating Give to the Max day for the non-profit.

Friday, 11/16 - Post-observation meeting. Teaching.

Saturday, 11/17 - Swim lessons, shopping for birthday stuff.

Sunday, 11/18 - Church.  I was driving the church van this morning.  My son's birthday party.  And I have a bunch of school work to get done for tomorrow that I've been putting off.

Am I complaining?  Absolutely.  Some of this is my own fault, some of it isn't.

I don't have to be on the board of a non-profit.  I don't have to be on the church council.  I don't have to do AVID family nights.  I don't have to do AVID field trips.  I don't have to be a good dad and husband for my family.

These things are all about making things better for other people.  The field trips give students a sense of something bigger than themselves.  The family night pulls in families that aren't generally school connected.  The council and the non-profit improve the lives of many people in my community.

The part really is sickening is the observation.  It was stress and time that wasn't necessary.  For the record, I'm "Proficient."  Anyone walking into my classroom could have told you this.

This observation system in place isn't evaluative yet.  It's not finalized.  It doesn't either reward me or hurt me.  I won't be given a raise or be fired because of it.  The only thing it did was take time away from my family, caused a lack of sleep, and caused me to start blogging again.

This blog is all about learning, teaching, and technology.  Those are all good, bad, ugly, super, horrible and outstanding.  I'm not going to let my lack of positives stand in the way of me blogging anymore.