Summer v. School Year

In the spirit of the Olympics, I've set up a Summer v. School Year contest for you.  Here we go:

Madras Shorts v. Khakis

T-shirts v. Shirts with buttons, maybe a tie

Wake-up with my kids v. Alarm set for 5:45

Stay up til whenever v. in bed by 10:10 (after the headlines of the local news)

Flip-flops and Sandals v. Dress shoes with laces

Bare feet v. Socks

Peeing when I need to v. Waiting for my Prep hour

Sand and Beaches v. Tables and chairs

Checking Twitter on my phone v. Using Socrative to poll students

Taking my wife to lunch v. Dry peanut butter sandwiches

Paycheck for not working v. Working 10+ hour days

Homebrewing beer v. Troubeshooting MacBooks

 Children's Museum v. School Library

Hanging out with friends v. Building communities with middle schoolers

Camping in a tent v. Setting up a learning environment

Windows open, cruising in the VW v. Overheating in a classroom

Water parks v. Drinking fountains

Watching my kids discover stuff v. Seeing lightbulbs go on for students

Don't get me wrong, I love teaching.  I just that I love my summer time so much too!  

What else can you think of?  Leave your ideas in the comments.


  1. The flip flop one is totally me! My goal for the summer is to wear flip flops as many days as possible!


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