Summer Fun Starts Next Thursday

School ends for students on Tuesday.  For teachers, it ends on Wednesday.  This is going to be a summer of fun.  It has been a long school year for many reasons and having time with my own kids is going to be awesome and incredible.

So what's a Papa to do this summer for fun with a 7 year old boy and a 3 year old girl?

Here's my list of things that are already on the list:
  • Elm Creek Park Reserve -$40 for the Family for the summer.  This is one of the coolest pool/beaches in the Twin Cities area.  We'll spend hours here.
  • AMF Free Bowling for Kids - Free for the kiddos.  They have a parent pass too.  I bought it last year but didn't use it enough.  Just let the kids bowl.  You get 2 free games per kid per day.
  • Science Museum of MN - We get this membership every year.  If you are teacher, you get $30 of the family membership.  It's a great way to spend fun time and *gasp* do some learning.  The current pirate exhibit is incredible.
  • New Hope Cinema Grill Summer Movie Pass - $40 for 12 weeks of kids movies. This is our rainy day activity.  We'll probably spend some money on popcorn.  There is a new 12:00 movie every week.  You can go every day if you want.
  • Kiddywampus - $8/kid.  Open art studio.  Lots of creative energy and projects to bring home.
  • Hennepin County Libraries - Free.  We've got lots of cool little libraries.  Might make a checklist to see how many we can get to.
Anyone have more ideas?  Leave them in the comments.  I'm sure there are some fun things we are missing or that we don't even know about.


  1. We will be attempting to take advantage of the Museum passes that the Hennepin and Ramsey County libraries have. I believe I read that this is the last year of that program. We will be doing Elm Creek and Como too.


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