Chrome & Chrombooks: Incognito Windows

I've been using Chrome on my MacBook for about 2 years.  This year, I've had a classroom set of Chromebooks.  I've learned lots of tricks to make them better.  I've a got a series of posts coming up highlighting some of the things I've learned.

First up: Incognito Windows

This is awesome for managing multiple log-ins to the same program.  For instance, I have a personal Gmail account that I use during the school.  I also have a teacher Gmail account that students use to email me.  Using an incognito window, I can have two Gmails open in different windows in Chrome.  It's similar to having two browsers open.

So, how do you open an incognito window? Simple.
  • Command-Shift-N
You can also simply switch between your regular window and your incognito window.
  • Command-`
I'm not sure how many incognito windows you can have open.  Right now, I have 1 regular window and 4 incognito window open.  It does seem to slow Chrome down but not significantly.

The only thing to worry about is browsing history.  The history in incognito windows is not recorded.  Everything is private.  So, if you show students how to do this, then you won't be able to track their history (This is the same for the guest accounts on Chromebooks.)