I've been involved in a Professional Learning Community this year.  Before I get into the topics, let me state that I'm both an ELA and AVID teacher.

Our PLC this year has consisted of the following:
  • 5 weeks of training on the Standards of Effective Practice.
  • 5 weeks of training on the Rational Number Project (math).
  • 2 weeks on how to give practice MCA tests.
  • 2 weeks on the strategy of Scan and Run (reading).
There are a couple of other topics that have been mixed in but this is the majority of time spent in our PLC.  

As an ELA teacher, I've spent 2 weeks topics related to my content area.  In middle school, my content area, for me, is the key.  I completely understand the need for our students to have a deeper understanding of math concepts and understand why that was incorporated into our PLC.  

That said, we three ELA/reading teachers in the building, the three of us could have done some very excellent things in a PLC.  

What is your experience with PLCs?  Have you become a better teacher?  Have you been able to take things from your PLC to your classroom?