His Plan

I've never posted about my religion anywhere on a blog.  It's been a private thing.  I have my beliefs and others have there own.  I believe that I was put here for a reason, that I have a purpose, and I'm doing His work on Earth.  My God is an awesome God.  He's also confusing as all get out.


Eighteen months ago, I got a team together to submit a new school proposal.  We had a great model.  We went through several meetings to get it going.  Then we realized that the right people weren't in place outside of our team to make it a reality and we shelved it.  The model incorporated AVID, community services, and 1:1 technology/blended learning.  The signs from Above were not pointing to a new school being a reality for me at this point.

Then, everything came together.  God put all the right things in the right places for me.

I had been working with a teacher in my building on how to integrate Moodle, blogging, and Google Docs.  We had been doing some cool things separately and started to combine our forces.

Shortly after, my district put out a Request for Grant Partner (RGP) for a new school model focusing on blended learning with technology at the heart of the model.  They were also looking for a strong community component.  I thought, I've got this plan already written.  It was made to be.  This is God telling me it's time to submit a proposal.

I talked with my teacher friend and we reworked the existing plan to address the RGP.  It was a solid plan.  We submitted it.  About a week later, we got the email saying that we were one of 5 proposal selected to present to the panel.  God moving us forward.

We put together a presentation and presented to two of the panel members.  We had to go a day early due to field trips.  They recorded the presentation for the other panel members to watch.

I really thought it was great presentation.

Today, we got an email saying that our proposal was not selected.  I am crushed.  I thought that everything was falling into place.  It didn't

We are meeting with the panel on Monday to discuss what we missed and what we were lacking.


Sometimes it is hard to go with God's plan.  A friend of my posted Romans 8:28 on my Facebook page:
28And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
His purpose.  Just when you think you have it figured out and the pieces are coming together, something changes and just have to pray again.