A Bartender and Teacher in a Brewpub...

Last Sunday was an awesome day.  I finished an overnight staycation with my family and three other families at a waterpark.  Then, our lovely wives sent the husbands to the Wild hockey game.   We lost the game (shut out no less) but that isn't the point of story.  Neither is the fact that we went to The Happy Gnome for dinner before.

The story lies with the bartender at Great Waters, where we went after the game.  Now, this isn't just a bar where you walk in and have a beer.  It's a brew pub.  They make their own beers.  My expectation was that I could walk in, ask the bartender what is good, and enjoy a pint.  My friend asked him if the IPA was any good.   He promptly replied, "I don't know."  Then he stated that he didn't know what any of the beers tasted like.  It was odd.  A bartender who didn't have a clue as to what the beers tasted like.

At the end of the night, we tipped him well.  Not because he was a wealth of beer knowledge but because he had built a relationship with us.  He shared why doesn't drink (epilepsy).  He entertained us with stories.  He made fun of friend (which is usually enough for a good tip).  He keep our glasses full.  He made sure we were happy.

It's all about relationships.  We stayed a bit longer than we should've on a school night.  We had a great time among ourselves and with the bartender.  We were comfortable. For those couple hours, bartender guy was part of our group having fun with us.  He earned his tip through this relationship building.

I'll remember this bartender when the classroom gets overwhelming and we need to refocus on relationships and having a little fun.