NCLB, Unions, & a Former Student

This is awesome.  It blew me away to see in my Facebook messages.  It's from a student of mine from about 7 years ago.  He is married with children.  Here's what he wrote:
I would like to get your opinion about the NCLB law. I read a lot about it but don't have any personal knowledge. Are the test difficult? Is it a test that everybody should be able to pass? Does it help you with teaching or is it a hindrence? Lastly, there has been a lot of complaints from republicans about unions and specifically public sector unions which i assume that you are a part of. Are you in favor of unions or is it a detriment? 
I sent him a message back but I thought I'd post it here so he could get a variety of opinions.  Let the comments fly.


  1. The test is not difficult, but it requires a lot of memory retention. Students are required to use the information from August/September in April to answer questions. That's not difficult until I tell you that they are 9-years old!!
    The union is my voice!! I don't have time with teaching, grading, and committees to go to the school board and fight for many weeks for myself from anything ranging from pay to duty free lunch. They help me fight for my professionalism. When did we get downgraded from professionals to blue collar? I have a Masters degree, I love teaching, I love those kids and would only do what is best for them without everyone else trying to tell me what's best for my students. You don't even know my students. You don't even know what they have to go through to get to school everyday. Politics needs to stay out of school!! No one wants to fund it anyway, but everyone wants to tell us what's best!!


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