Best Classroom Device?

I've been singing the praises of Google Chromebooks for a few months.  Here's why:

  • 8 second start up.  My class is ready to go in less than a minute.
  • Logs right into a Google account - Gmail, Docs, etc.
  • No system issues.  If Wi-Fi and Google are going, your set.
  • No hard mechanical hardrive.  Limited SSD.
  • Did I mention 8 second start up - time is crucial.
  • $276 per year per student
Apple recently discontinued the education MacBook. This sealed the deal for Chromebooks, in my eyes.  

This morning, I read that Apple is offering a $999 13" MacBook Air.  I don't know enough about MacBook Air to make an informed decision yet.  I do know that is SSD based which should make the start up time better.  The cost, over three years, is a bit more than a Chromebooks but not much.  

Anyone have thoughts on this?  Will this be as quick and simple as a Chromebooks?