Today was the unveiling of the new  I was excited, nervous and anxious.  I saw a few students on the stairs going to class and several of them said they had already looked at the site and had questions.  Imagine.  Students looking at a classroom website during non-class hours.  Be still my heart!

I quickly found out that I had it set up quite wrong.  I had all the warm-up pages together, all the lesson plans together, and all the exit slips together.  Thankfully, I was using Weebly and it was a simple as dragging pages around to make it work.  Problems happened about half way through moving pages around.  Weebly went down.  It was only down for about 30 minutes and I think it may have just been my account.  That impacted my plan for one of my classes (with a district director observing).  We plowed through with other things though and survived.

Now I have all the information for one class listed together: lesson plan, warm-up, sample blog and exit slips.  It seems to be a better fit.

I also pointed out the links to Facebook and Twitter even though they don't show up at school.  So far, I've got no new followers on either page.  I hope that a few take it on as they were the students were the ones who requested it.