AVID Family Night

For the record, I truly don't like putting together family nights. They are a lot of work and stress and we don't usually get a huge turn out.  This year, I have a lead tutor that helps to plan these types of things.  For our first AVID Family Night, we came up an idea for a theme:

Make a Few Extra Bucks

It was a brillant theme.  It made the planning fun.  If you are familiar with AVID, you know that it is about making college obtainable.  And once you get to college, having a few extra dollars in your pocket is key.  

We started with a light dinner of pizza and salad.  Then I did a short introduction.  After that we allowed the parents and students to attend two different sessions.   We had 6 different sessions happening.  
  • Home Interior Painting
  • Bead Making and Jewelry
  • Reffing and Coaching in the Parks
  • Pizza Crust Mixing
  • Web Design and Blogging
  • Photography Basics
We had dinner at 5:30.  Session 1 was at 6:00.  Session 2 was at 6:30.  Everyone was gone by 7:10.  It was perfect timing.  

We had about 15 students and about 20 moms, dads, grandmas, and older siblings.

So what were the highlights?  
  • A grandma creating an email account and setting up a website.
  • A student teaching her mom about web design.
  • Every family taking home at least one pizza dough to cook.
  • A student tossing pizza dough in the air.
  • Students looking  at a camera that we taken apart to see how it worked.
  • An older brother rolling paper beads and making a bracelet.
  • 3 students learning to prep, tape and paint a wall.
I'd do it again.  Have you done any family nights?  I need ideas for our next one in the spring.